“I took Stella to Chick-fil-A today. It’s our usual daddy/daughter place. It’s spotless, great and the playground is equipped with a an tractor beam that she can see as soon as she spots it. After eating and she had sated her craving for dessert by playing with her friends and we returned to swap her toy for Ice cream. She wanted to sit down at an eating table to enjoy the cone (something is something we do regularly in our truck) and I’m happy she did. We found a table right near the place where you can wait until your beverage is “refreshed,” and we enjoyed a front row seat to this gorgeous scene. A homeless man came into the store and asked for any food items they could use. Mud was soaking and was caked on his well-traveled footwear. Hair was matted and his beard didn’t make a appearance, it was an essential element and a reminder that he didn’t cut his hair as often as many people do. People around him remained in a safe distance, but it did not stop him from being helpful. He talked to people who had a hard time speaking back and smiled as waiting for the manager. What I could discern in the conversation was that the manager said that he’d like to gift him a complete, warm food–not just scraps and extras. And all he wanted was that the manager allowed him to pray with him.

When the homeless man reaffirmed his agreement that there was no need to wait for things to quiet down. There was no one scooting towards the other side. Even as busy they were the manager stopped there and there, placed his hands on the man, then continued to pray. I felt love in the prayer. The homeless man isn’t an impervious stain on business. He was the reason why the store was opened early this day (or any other morning). I demanded Stella to observe and she was astonished. She inquired about what was going on and when I explained the situation she was bowed, she did and bowed her head, too. I realized right then that Chick-fil-A isn’t doing business for profit and they actually use their business to serve. In a world where firms are trying to gain on the market by avoiding any chance of harm, CFA is thriving because they have never wavered from their values and mission. I enjoy teaching my daughter lessons in life, and I am also thrilled to be in the same room to witness other Christians give her life lessons. Thank you, Chickfil-A for helping to take care of this today.”

Credit: JoeynKaren Mustain


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