The most efficient method to communicate information is via an analogy. Analogies are utilized to demonstrate similarities.

The pastors of churches are masters at making analogies.

Church of the Cross pastor Andy Harris shared a tale on Facebook about one woman who quit her church after being slain by the members of the congregation. Does this sound like something you’ve experienced?

Pastor Andy’s story isn’t an actual example However, the consistency of his story and the metaphor it uses suffice to convince the message, regardless of. The post that he shared has been shared over 231,000 times.

An elderly woman approached the pastor in order to inform him know that she had left the church, as per the account.

“Ah! I saw a woman chatting about a fellow member, a hypocrite the worship team living in a way that isn’t right while people were using their phones during services as well as a host of other things happening within churches.”

Though he was moved at her response, the priest was not surprised since he’d seen it all before. Thus, he allowed her to go. But, not before doing him a final favor.

When you are leaving the cathedral, I’d ask that you fill up a cup water and then walk through in the church three times, without dropping any drop. If you’d like to you want to leave, you can do so afterward.”

It was a unique request, however, the woman assumed it would be simple.

He advised that she walk around three times in the chapel, with her entire glass of water in her hand, and then come back to him.

The preacher warned her about one last item before she went:

“I’d be happy to give one final inquiry before you go. Did you see anyone talking while you were walking around inside the chapel ?””””

She responded, “No.”.

Then, he inquired whether she’d seen any hypocrites or anyone else talking via their mobile phones.

“No,” said the woman once more.

Even non-believers shouted “amen” as the pastor spoke about this thought-provoking, paradigm-shifting allegory.

“You were paying careful attention to the glass to ensure you wouldn’t fall and leak the water.” We live lives operate similar to that. When we are focused at Jesus We aren’t able to look at the mistakes of others. “We’ll assist them, while keeping our eyes in our spiritual development.”




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