Many animals are suitable to keep as pets, from standard animals like cats and dogs to exotic ones such as Parrots, snakes or even parrots.

And on the rarest of occasions you’ll see animals such as Kira the Wolf.


Kira was left by her mother just 3 days old . She couldn’t live on her own, but thankfully Alida came to her aid.

Alida brought her in she took her in, raised

her, trained her, and raised her as a dog, to give her a second chance to live her life.


Wolfs are wild in their nature And unlike dogs, they don’t carry generations of domestication genes in their genes therefore, it is not surprising that Kira was not easy for domestication.

She was more cautious about the new, and Alida was required to work to be a good sport. Kira was in need of lots of socialization. She interacted with children, adults and even animals.

After many hours of work, she’s completely domesticated and won’t harm any fly.

“Kira’s mom was with her family, however they couldn’t provide for her, and she was placed in a nursery. Kira is no longer a person she trusts. Kira has been born at the same place.”

“If released in wilderness, then there’s an excellent chance that she’ll die because no one ever taught her to hunt. Kira’s mom abandoned her infants when they were just 3 days old and still in the nursery, therefore they were fed with a hand. I then left when Kira was stronger, and I also began feeding her milk.”

“I brought her out of the nursery when she was just 28 days old. She’s smart, but determined. When she makes a decision she is focused on her own needs and not me. From the beginning, I started the process of socializing her. She was able to see a lot of people, dogs and children.”

“We wandered around in various places to let her examine different scents, and listen to new sounds. Wolves are innately neophobic which is a fear of all things new. This is a difficult processthat is long and slow however it is essential to ensure that Kira can be a part of my urban setting and feel at ease.”

Alida adopted Kira away from her nursery when she was just 28 days old. She continued to feed, care for her and educate her on how to be domesticated.

“Upbringing was not without issues, but as you the passage of time, everything goes away and the hard work produces results. Kira is a calm and stable psychological state. She is not prone to dogs that are aggressive and is not arousal to conflict within herself. She is very careful with children and, if a child is scared at her presence, she will not engage with him.”

Alida ensured that she was not afraid by the modern world, and so went on many adventures.

“On the streets the majority of people react with curiosity, request whether they can be taken photos. inquire whether it’s dangerous living with wolves particularly when there’s a child in the home (I have seven-year-old son Bogdan. )”

Kira can now be described as a completely domesticated and happy pet who lives in a loving home with a boy of 7 years old whom she is a huge fan of.

Alida is often approached by curious people about what it’s like living with the Wolf.

“In real reality, people behave normally, since Kira is extremely welcoming and doesn’t create fear in people. On online, there are people who can be equally angry and ignorant and they post different opinions. Particularly following a string of stories about us There were plenty of stories that claimed I was doing something very wrong because I had an animal predator at the house.”

To keep track of Kira and Alida’s lives on a daily basis go to the following Instagram account: Instagram she.s.a.wolf

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