This two-year-old boy’s mother described his hug as “a blessing from God.”

Even the tiniest actions can significantly impact someone, especially if they are sad. It will be even more wonderful if it comes from a young child. As he went about his day delivering pizzas, Ryan Catterson had no idea a two-year-old would touch his heart. He paid a visit to Lindsey Sheely’s Rhode Island house to deliver a pizza she had ordered. The doorbell camera captured a lovely moment between the two. As he was about to depart after making the delivery, Cohen, Sheely’s son, approached him and hugged him.

Catterson returned Cohen’s affection by stooping down and cuddling him. After the sweet moment, Cohen’s mother walked in to bring her kid back inside. The 2-year-old baby kept blowing kisses at Catterson as he walked back to his car. In the video, Catterson says, “I hope you like your pizza.” Linda shared the friendly exchange on social media to “warm your hearts” and make others chuckle. But there was more to the experience.

She commented on Facebook, “Last night, when we got our pizza (and ranch) delivered, Cohen raced out to embrace and kiss the delivery lady!”

At first, we thought it was amusing and sweet, but then we realized our doorbell had recorded the interaction, which it had! As it did for us, I hope it makes you laugh and warms your heart. Even better, I posted it on my Instagram story last night, and the pizza delivery guy saw it! Ryan, thank you so much for being so giving with our child! Cohen’s hug meant nothing to us, and we had no idea what it meant to this random stranger. Ryan saw my Instagram video and messaged me, then I sought him down on Facebook and shared it with his friends. As a result, we learned that Ryan had just and unexpectedly lost his daughter, and that Cohen’s hug was a gift from God. According to my beliefs in divine appointment, Ryan delivered our pizza for a reason.

Catterson’s 16-year-old daughter died unexpectedly last week, according to Sheely. Catterson expressed his gratitude for the hug. “It impacted me because I felt like she was after that losing my daughter last week.” “It meant a great deal to me.”

The lovely deed of the youngster warmed hearts. Following that, the post went viral and drew a lot of attention from the internet.

“I like this video since kids get to see so much more than adults do.” This moved me… In this world, there are still decent and kind people. May God continue to bless you and your family.”

“This had a profound impact on me. In 1993, I miscarried a newborn boy. In March 2015, my daughter died, and in December 2015, I lost a stepson. Ryan and his ex-wife have my heartfelt sympathies.”


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