A family was vacationing in a remote wooded area of Maryland when they came across a friendly bear that wanted to join them for their picnic.

Kaitlyn Nesbit posted this incredible video via TikTok. It shows a black bear sitting on the picnic table’s edge.

He waited patiently, calmly, for a peanut butter sandwich. One of the men gave it to him right out of his hand.

Nesbitt was one of the many onlookers who gasped in amazement as she watched the moment unfold in Deep Creek, near the cabin where her family is staying.

They continued making sandwiches for the bear, who sat down with them as if he were a member of the gang.

Nesbit stated, “This cabin was shared with a friend and they told us that the bear is always there and never bothers them.”

“Some members of our group are used being out in nature so we were told to slow down and remain where we were.

“Most of us were afraid to death, so we filmed from the deck. But the brave tried their luck.”

The bear appeared from the trees in search of food, before joining the four men and one woman who were having a picnic at one of the tables.

While the group enjoyed a drink and snacks, they anxiously watched as the hungry animal waited to be served.

One of the men got a loaf of bread and pointed his finger at the bear, telling him to wait while he made the sandwich.

You can hear the onlookers saying, “This is a joke right, it’s f *****g!”

The man will then take the sandwich from the bear and hold it up until it is ready.

The bear could even see the beers hidden in the bag.

Nesbit said that “Eventually, the momma just walked away from the woods unscathed,”


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