This mind-boggling optical illusion will put your eyes to the test.

On the internet, information spreads at a lightning-fast rate. Any piece of content or information can quickly spread throughout the world and achieve viral status. This time, an optical illusion that was originally posted on Twitter by a user with the handle @benowine is what has caused a commotion across the internet.

Twitter – @benowine

The picture reveals a number that is only partially hidden by a circle that is striped with black and grey. The viewers are questioned as to whether or not they see a number, and if they do, they are questioned as to which number they see.

Because the stripes are organized in an uneven spiral pattern, it is more difficult to determine the total number of stripes.


The hidden figures in the visual puzzle have been analyzed by thousands of people, all of whom have arrived at very different conclusions since the puzzle first went viral on Twitter.

This is what the tweet says: “45 283…

… and what exactly is the catch? Should I schedule an appointment with my primary care physician?”‘

Another poster mentioned that they could only see the number 528. Does that imply that I have problems with my vision?’

One more person responded by saying, “I’m seeing 45283, but looking at the other replies, other people are seeing two other numbers.” There are numbers in there, but I couldn’t make them up if my life depended on it.

Nevertheless, the solution consists of seven digits and is written as 3452839.

Twitter – @benowine

It has been observed that the illusion is dependent on contrast sensitivity, which is a measurement of the visual function that enables us to perceive differences between objects and the backgrounds in which they are placed.

As an illustration, when driving in conditions with low light or fog, it is necessary to have a higher contrast sensitivity because the contrast that normally exists between objects and their backgrounds is diminished.

The swirls are located on the higher level of the puzzle, while the numbers are located on the lower level.

Twitter – @benowine

It is more likely that an individual who has a higher contrast sensitivity will be able to see all seven digits at the same time.

Contrast sensitivity can be impaired by a variety of eye conditions, including cataracts and glaucoma.


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