It’s a terrible thing when doctors believe they know more than a parent does about their children. The instincts of a mother are far more reliable than those of scientists. You’ll see what I mean if you look at this insane and tragic incident that happened in 2016 for example.

After meeting in a missionary school in Dallas known as Christ for the Nations, Rich Cushworth and Mercy Casanalles found themselves falling profoundly in love with one another.

Because she was pregnant with Rich’s child, Mercy had to go back to her homeland to give birth to her son or daughter. Due to Mercy’s tourist visa from El Salvador, Rich was unable to be present for the birth of his child, which was a huge disappointment for the family. To avoid leaving the nation, he decided to stay and wait for his wife’s return.

However, once Mercy’s newborn baby Jacob was delivered to her, things took a very unusual turn for her. The delivery proceeded smoothly, but she was aware that the kid wasn’t her her throughout the process.


When Mercedes Casanellas gave birth to her biological son Mercy, she told WFAA, “When I got Mercy, I said, ‘This is not my baby.'”

Something within her informed her that she wasn’t holding her child, despite the fact that it may sound weird to hear.

“I asked them why this baby was different,” she added. “I got no answer.” “His complexion is darker than mine, and he has a different nose and eyebrows than I have,” she said.

Therefore, she had no grounds for argument with the physicians. Instead of going home, she brought the youngster with her. When she eventually decided to put her theory to the test by getting a DNA analysis done two months later, it turned out that her suspicions were correct.

Jacob wasn’t actually their biological child, despite the fact that she and Rich had become rather attached to him over the years.

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Naturally, it in and of itself raised a number of intriguing topics for consideration. Where their son was, though, was the question that consumed their thoughts the most.

Rich and Mercy made their way to the right people and asked for Jacob to be returned to his family. – Things were different, though, when it came to their biological son, Moses. For a year, he was unable to go to the United States because El Salvador’s authorities refused to issue him a birth-certificate or passport.

At the time, Cushworth made these comments to a television station in El Salvador: “All we want is for them to give us back our kid.”

“The circumstance is quite serious. I am a parent, but I have no idea what happened to my child or where he is.”

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Rich and Mercy fought the government for a long time in order to gain custody of their son. The battle was difficult, but in the end, they were victorious and were able to bring their kid home with them. It seemed as though nobody had any idea what had happened in the moments leading up to the deal taking place.

Rich expressed that they are “very grateful” and “delighted.”

According to several reports, the government of El Salvador eventually detained the physician and opened a criminal inquiry into the matter. The allegations that the doctor was involved in a network that trafficked infants were initially brought forth by the police but were ultimately withdrawn.



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