When Julia Washington and her husband decided to adopt Michael, Jess, and Camden, they went from having two children to having five.

This big change would take a long time for the family to get used to, especially because one of their adopted sons had cerebral palsy.

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Julia was in the process of adopting three brothers when she got a call from their social worker. Elijah, the 17-month-old brother of the three brothers she was adopting, was also in the system. Julia wanted to help, but she knew that her family couldn’t take in another child.

But she also knew that Elijah would be 1,000 miles away from his brothers if she didn’t take him in.

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Jay Houston, Julia’s friend and neighbor, heard the news at that time. Jay is the youngest of seven kids. She was adopted as a child, and now she has two children she gave birth to and four she adopted.

Jay had no doubts about what he should do next. Jay adopted Elijah with the help of the state’s Child Protective Services. Even though the 17-month-old won’t be raised with his brothers in the same house, they will still grow up together!

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Lay told ABC, “They all know they’re brothers, and they get to grow up together.” “They live in the same town, but not in the same house… Knowing that I will always be his mom is a great gift, and I’m very thankful for it.”


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