Love, not blood, is what brings people together to become a family. Sadie and Jarvis Sampson have seen this with their own eyes.

Sadie and Jarvis got married in 2018, and since then, they’ve been excited to start a family. They were ready to bring their own children into their home in Houston, Texas, but that was harder than they thought it would be.

Sadie and Jarvis

In order to have their own child, the Sampsons bought vitamins, went to the doctor, and took ovulation tests. It didn’t work at all. Instead of having children, the Sampsons had a lot of pregnancy tests that came back negative.

A friend called Sadie and Jarvis one day and asked if they could take care of a child for a while. This friend of theirs knew a couple who was expecting a child and wanted to give it up for adoption or foster care.

Even though Sadie and Jarvis wanted to start a family, they were not sure at first. They weren’t sure if they could foster this child without getting attached to it, but the baby’s real parents urged Sadie and Jarvis to do it, and the Sampsons finally agreed.

The worker in charge of the child’s case told Sadie that the child’s parents had decided they didn’t just want Sadie and Jarvis to foster their child, but to adopt it as well.

Sadie couldn’t believe that they were finally going to have a baby. Still, they were nervous the whole time because they were afraid something would go wrong and they wouldn’t be able to adopt a child again. Happily, there was nothing to worry about.

The baby boy was born with his birth parents and his adoptive parents all around him. Sadie got to hold him right away. His name was Ezra. She held him close to her chest and smiled a big smile.

Even though Ezra was their son, he didn’t look like them at all. Ezra is white, while Sadie and Jarvis are Black. But the fact that they were different colors didn’t matter. What did matter was that Sadie and Jarvis loved Ezra, and he knew it.

Sadie and Jarvis

Their small family kept growing. Because of a donation of an embryo, Ezra got two new sisters. When they were born, Journee and Destinee were their names. They were carried in Sadie’s womb. The Sampson daughters were born white, just like Ezra.

The Sampsons told people about their story through social media. They show people that families don’t have to look the same as long as they love each other. And there’s no doubt that Sadie and Jarvis love their kids.



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