It’s difficult to predict what we might do in a life-or-death situation to save an animal; yet, those who do so deserve to be hailed as “heroes.”

Don Chatten was out walking his two dogs on a bitterly cold day in Buffalo, New York, when a woman approached him and pleaded for his assistance in locating her small puppy.

Credit FacebookSamantha Kelly
Credit FacebookSamantha Kelly

He didn’t hesitate to assist her, but when he eventually tracked down the lost dog, he recognized the situation was dire and decided he needed to act quickly.

Because the dog had gotten into frigid water in Ellicott Creek Park, Don realized he didn’t have much time to save her before the water turned too cold.

Credit FacebookSamantha Kelly

According to WKBW News, Don dialed 911 but, concerned that they would arrive too late, decided to rescue the dog on his own initiative.

After making many unsuccessful attempts to crawl across the ice, the ice gave way, dumping him waist-deep into the cold waters.

Credit FacebookSamantha Kelly

The local news station WKBW reported that Don knew the water wasn’t very deep in this area because he used to come here when he was a kid.


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