Families are always there for us, regardless of the circumstances. They assist us in overcoming life’s most significant obstacles without expecting anything in return. Many of our parents, without a doubt, would go to any length to help us.

However, one 61-year-old mother went above and above to ensure her son’s happiness! Cecile Eledge provided surrogacy for her son Matthew and his boyfriend Elliot.

They discussed initiating IVF therapy for several years, as they were so anxious for a child of their own. On the other hand, Mathew’s mother surprised them by agreeing to be their surrogate!


Cecile had a wonderful experience with her previous pregnancies and was certain that her body was equal to the task. However, the family was apprehensive about whether a doctor would let the child’s grandmother perform the treatment.


They were overjoyed when they visited a reproductive endocrinologist and discovered that the doctor was eager to aid them with their objective. There had been no pregnancy for 30 years and Cecile went through menopause more than 10 years ago, but the process began anyway.

Before initiating the pregnancy, Cecile was required to undergo a pap smear, blood tests, cholesterol testing, mammograms, and ultrasounds. Her health had to be in tip-top form for her to carry her grandson. Elliot’s sister wanted to contribute something of her own during the testing: her eggs!

When Cecile passed all of her tests, hormone therapy began, and Elliot’s sister’s eggs were fertilized with Mathew’s sperm. Cecile became pregnant on her first attempt at implantation, despite her claims of experiencing problems. Even though she had a difficult pregnancy due to her advanced age, she handled it graciously.

Despite morning sickness and blood pressure spikes, the baby girl was delivered and named Uma. Uma was also naturally delivered, without the necessity for a C-section.

The fathers were naturally emotional throughout the childbirth process and allowed themselves to grieve freely.


When Matthew told the Daily Mail that he couldn’t come up with words to describe her, he said: “She’s great. Thank you for still going above and beyond to help me as an adult, even though I’m older. I have a great respect for her.”

He is amazed at the lengths his mother will go to ensure his happiness and support him in beginning a family. Additionally, he credits her for molding him into the man he is now; he regards her as tremendous, strong, and a true warrior.

Cecile told the Daily Mail that it was effortless for her to deliver the baby to her son throughout the birthing process. She had always felt as though the baby was her granddaughter, and pregnancy had worn her out to the point that she was relieved to hand the baby over to her devoted parents!


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