On TikTok, you can find videos for even the most picky tastes.

On the app, anyone with enough confidence can go viral and become famous for the simplest reasons.

We mean “literal” when we say “little.”

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/The Mejia Family

Alexis LaRue is a mother of two from St. Paul, Minnesota, and she is 22 years old. She is 5’3″ tall and weighs 116.5 pounds, so people on TikTok call her “Tiny Mom.” Isn’t it cute?

Alexis is a very pretty woman, but her twins show how, well, small she really is.
Camila and Elena, her twins, weigh almost 21 pounds each.

She takes both of them with her when she makes her TikTok videos.

From the things they do every day to dancing and everything in between.

“My family and I can’t believe that our video went viral. We would have never thought this could happen to us.”

LaRue said so to Fox News.

The name of the account is “The Mejia Family,” and it has more than 716,000 people who follow it.

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/The Mejia Family

Alexis’s height and the angle of the shots really show how big her two babies are.  Her strength is even more impressive.
She dances with both girls on her back!

She says, “I don’t know if I’m just weak or if my babies are just big.
“Some people say things like, ‘Oh, they’re going to be NFL players,’ or ‘They weigh more than you put together,’ or ‘Stop feeding them so much,'” LaRue said. “But I don’t let it bother me.” “They are getting just the right amount of milk. All that matters is that they are happy and healthy. Some people are just born with big heads!”

It’s interesting to think about what they put in baby formula now.

From what I can tell, Alexis is healthy anyway.

Which is good news because we all want to see more of her and her cute, chunky girls.

They must give Dad a good workout!

“I started making TikTok videos for fun, when I had nothing else to do. I never thought it would get as much attention as it did. I’m just glad I can show off my beautiful twins and make people happy.”

Too cute to handle!
Her March babies weigh a total of 42 pounds, but she has no trouble carrying them around for her videos.

Some guys can’t even lift a dumbbell that weighs 42 pounds. Still not sure?
Now think about how every day Alexis has to clean, bathe, feed, and carry them around.

In the future, Camila and Elena will have to carry their mother.

We’re all looking forward to seeing that video! See > YouTube





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