Students at a high school stood silent to support their blind classmates to ensure they could listen to her basketball play.

Students show their support to an unblinking basketball player who attempted to take a shot for free.

Julia Hoogland, 17, is a student at Zeeland Public Schools in Michigan. She is part of the school’s links program for peer-to-peer.

Zeeland Public Schools participates in Special Olympics Unified Sports, a “source of pride” for the school system, as per Dr Brandi-Lyn Mendham. She is the Superintendent.

We were impressed by the kindness with which the students from high school showed love to Juliana when she attempted the free throw. She hit the net to determine what was happening, and the students were silent.

The silence lasted only a few seconds when Juliana took the shot and sunk it, which caused the fans to cheer. Karen Hoogland, her mother, expressed their joy at her accomplishment.

The applause and encouragement from the enthusiastic students were not only because two schools had been paying attention to the girl.” Hoogland said, “but it was just to witness the enthusiasm of her classmates who were so quiet that she could feel the taps.”

At the time, Juliana, aka “Jules,” was ecstatic following the shot, saying, “I didn’t think I would make it.” My goal is to educate people that people who are blind are much more than blind.”

Julius has set records for the things blind people can do. He hopes the film will inspire everyone who faces difficulties. “I hope this film will inspire others to keep trying no matter their problems,” she says.

According to the teacher in charge at ZLinks, Juliana put in “years” of effort to achieve a perfect shot. Nate VandeGutche said he was impressed to witness her make the shot in front of more than 2,500 people. “We were giddy with anticipation for her and her family.” He added. A perfect way to close the day. It was a fantastic day for us all.”

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