It’s a number that always blows my mind. Only half of all marriages last. The question still stands: How do you go from making a promise for life to leaving early? says that not talking to each other, fighting, and not being close are some of the main reasons (both physical and emotional).

One smart mom knew about all of these problems, and the way she helped her kids stay away from them is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Doug Weaver – TikTok

In a TikTok post, artist Doug Weaver talked about how when he and his two older brothers were young, their mother Mickey made them a book called “Husbands in Training” to help them learn how to be good husbands when they got married.

“There were things like, ‘What to do if your spouse tells you something that isn’t true,'” he said. “What to do if they say something wrong in public or in private, and when to correct them and when not to.”

We talked about consent, the basics of respecting, honoring, and listening to women, and all the other things that just make you a good person.

On top of everything else, his mother made certificates that she signed and gave to the boys on the day of their weddings.

Weaver’s video went viral, with more than 5 million views, a million likes, and 50,000 comments.

Someone asked, “Is your mother a goddess?”

Another person said that it is hard to turn boys into men in this day and age.

“That is so crazy cool! Glad your dad knew enough about himself to know he needed it, too. I’m just happy about everything,” said another.

Commenter: “It’s such a huge responsibility to raise a boy because their status in society makes it easier for them to do good or bad things.”

Doug Weaver – TikTok

Weaver was inspired by the response to start his own “Husbands in Training” business to reach more people. He started a GoFundMe page to raise money for equipment. He wrote, “The TT community really wants my mom to make content about raising boys to be good men.”

He got $9,745, which was way more than his modest goal of $340. Here is where you can sign up for Weaver’s marriage MasterClass.

Weaver says that he wants to teach his son the lessons that his mother taught him.

Doug Weaver said, “I’m definitely teaching my son how consent works and that you still need consent after you get married.”

We get caught up in what we want: a nice car, a good job, and a loving partner. Still, your success in life depends on who you become, not on what you want.

That’s not always something you’ll learn in school.

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