A video showing a husband massaging the soles of his pregnant wife’s feet has gone popular on social media platforms. The behaviour of the pair drew the attention of internet users.

It is impossible to put into words the delight of being a parent and the pleasure of savouring every moment of pregnancy. Despite this, carrying a child for nine months will present its own hardships.

When one of them is fatigued, the ankles and other regions of the body swell to accommodate the swelling. As a result, standing up to walking for an extended period can be challenging for pregnant women. They require a few hours of sleep or a lovely massage from their partner…

While providing moral support, extra attention will go a long way toward making the wife pleased.

The husband and his pregnant wife were not recognized in the now-viral post published by the Facebook page Boiling Waters. Still, it was clear that this guy genuinely cared about this exhausted woman and was willing to-go-to any length to help her.

Boiling Waters posted the following in the caption of his video: “Observed: Buntis na napagod, minasahe ni mister! Buntis na napagod, minasahe ni mister! Brad, ito gayahin mo ayo naman. If you love her, you must serve her! #WayOfTheWarrior.”

According to the footage, the video was filmed on what looks to be a flight of steps heading to a train station.

When this video was shot, he was crouching on the floor, massaging the soles of his wife’s bare feet.

After capturing the incredible moment on camera, a netizen posted it on social media to share with others. The reaction to the husband’s actions against his pregnant wife was astonishment.

Although some people laughed at it or said it was ‘nothing exceptional’ and the pregnant woman was simply acting up, you should be aware that pregnant women are often fatigued and that standing or walking for extended periods may be quite harmful to their legs lower back.

Leg cramps are common among women, even when only standing up or sitting down. For this reason, pregnant women are always given first consideration in line waiting for situations.

Some internet users believe that their relationship will remain harmonious till the baby is born. Meanwhile, many internet users wish to locate a husband who is similar to him.


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