Nobody wants to be lied to. The bride-to be read the text messages of her cheating husband and decided to learn from him. This story was originally published on Whimm. Its veracity has since been questioned. The message is the same.

Alex and she had been together for six years. She clearly loved Alex and believed that he cared about her. She believed Alex had fallen in love with her. Casey discovered the terrible truth about Alex during her bachelorette party. Casey discovered the horrible truth about her boyfriend during his bachelorette party. Just one night before her wedding…

Messages from an Unknown Source

Casey was celebrating her last day as single with her closest friends in a nice hotel suite, when Casey heard her phone ring.

The message contained the following statement by the unknown person: “I wouldn’t marry his”. Casey didn’t know who the individual was. She didn’t even know that her husband was cheating upon her. Casey is devastated.

It became obvious that Alex, Casey’s fiancée, was not faithful after she read the messages. Alex was contacted by a woman who sent screenshots of their conversations.

Alex sent a number of messages that seemed to compliment the woman’s body.

Casey received one of the most disturbing messages: “I wish my GF had the same skills as you.” Another message was “I’ve never felt such a connection before.”

When everyone has already traveled and all expenses have been paid, it would be impossible for the wedding to be cancelled. These thoughts were pondered by Casey. The couple was surrounded by their guests on the day of the wedding. They didn’t know what was coming.

As she got ready for her “special day”, the bride walked towards Alex, her future husband. Casey looked at her family and said, “It seems that Alex isn’t who I thought it was.”

Casey responded by reading aloud all the messages she received that night. Casey was right.

Casey described the next scene as “With each phrase more color escaped Alex’s face.” I tried to bring my tears to his attention, but he remained silent. As he left the church, his best man followed him. His family was shocked.”

It would have been amazing to see everyone’s expressions of shock and fear. The cheater’s friends and family were especially affected. Casey said that, despite all the events of the day, she was not done yet.

Casey, who was shocked, but loved, said that there would not be a wedding today. Instead, it will be a ceremony about loyalty, finding true love and following your heart no matter what.”

Infidelity doesn’t necessarily mean that a relationship is over. However, trust is essential for all relationships. Without confidence, we cannot grow or move on.

I hope everyone who reads this right now finds the strength and courage to let go when trust has been lost. It is difficult to rebuild trust. You must be certain before you give another chance.

Remember that no relationship should be wasted time. If you don’t get what your heart desires, learn what you don’t want. They cheated because they are not who they say they are. They chose to cheat because of who they are.

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