After removing the blindfold, they said, “Are you ready to see your bride?” and then removed the blindfold. Their daughter said that he maintained the happiest expression for the remainder of the day.

When Frankie King married her high school boyfriend, Royce, in 1944, there was not even enough time for her to purchase a wedding dress, let alone hire a photographer. Because Royce’s vacation was so short before he had to report for his military assignment overseas, the couple only had a few days to organize their wedding before rushing off.

Their daughter, Sue Bilodeau, shared with CBS News that her father had recently received his pilot wings and served as a lieutenant in the United States Air Force. “He was granted a brief furlough. They had been engaged for almost half a year when they decided to be married before he was shipped away to a foreign country.

Royce returned to his hometown of Oelwein, Iowa, after his two-day vacation, where he had grown up and married the lady who would become his life’s love before departing to serve in World War II. The couple went on to experience a 77-year marriage in which they welcomed two children into the world and reared them together.

During the reenactment of their wedding day, Frankie was dressed in an antique gown from the 1940s. Royce, who is now 98 years old, wore the same Air Force outfit that he had when he married Frankie’s mother 70 years earlier.

Sue assisted her mother in putting on the wedding dress. She later reflected on how her mother looked at herself in the gown, saying, “…It was very nice and emotional.” She questioned whether or not she needed to put on her spectacles. That particular day, I was without my spectacles. And I told her, “You should wear your spectacles since you look so gorgeous with them on.”

Royce was hiding his eyes with a handkerchief as he waited for his wife to arrive on that bright and sunny day in the backyard of their home. This moment was known as the “first look.”

Sue told TODAY the following story: “‘Are you ready to see your bride?’ they said as they removed the blindfold.” The hospice’s volunteers and staff were pleased to be able to produce something so meaningful for the elderly couple. Heath Bartness, chief executive officer of St. Croix Hospice, asked, “How can you not feel a sense of immense emotion?” “The connectedness, almost as if you were a part of it, and remembering what it was like the first time in World War II, and how significant and emotional this second chance to do this was.” Not just in the organization and what it has accomplished, but also in what they have done simply as a gesture toward mankind, there is a fantastic sense of pleasure.” He had the biggest smile you’ve ever seen during the rest of the day.” It was unbelievable. ” Sue expressed to CBS News her profound appreciation for the opportunity to relive the day of her parent’s wedding. One thing that may be learned from [this narrative] is that they have endured a lot of hardships year after year, just as everyone else does. Despite the ups and downs, they’ve been able to find a way to prioritize their love and loyalty to one another above all else to make their relationship work.


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