Dragons have held a special allure for humans for millions of years. The attention of a number of poets and writers has been focused on these fantastical beings over the course of literary history. Although dragons do not currently exist, we have discovered an animal that bears a striking resemblance to these mythical creatures and is certain to inspire awe in their observers.

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The Agamidae family of lizards is home to flying dragons, and the tropical forests of South East Asia are their natural habitat. And here is a stunning collection of photographs of them.

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These animals range in length from 8 to 10 inches and have membranes attached to the sides of their trunks. They enable them to glide freely from one tree to the next, and they can cover a distance of up to 60 meters while losing only 10 meters in altitude.

The majority of their food consists of insects, such as tree ants.

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Unless it is the time of year when they are trying to reproduce, they almost never come down from the trees. The mating process starts when the male uses his membranes to attract the females, which then leads to the process of mating.

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Following fertilization, the female will deposit her eggs. It then lays approximately 4-5 eggs in the ground before covering them with soil and then covering those eggs with leaves. The female will only remain with the eggs for a period of one day. Following that, she goes back up into the tree and leaves them behind.

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There are many different species of flying dragons, and each one has its own unique coloration and personality; nevertheless, they all share one characteristic in common.

Their attractiveness seems to come from another dimension entirely.


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