Parenting is certain to be among the top ten toughest jobs in the world, should there be the list. Being a parent, running households, and working to pay bills and provide for the family is not an easy job for any parent.

Even though they don’t need to, there are people who choose to do a tough task. These are called foster parents.

Kate Holstein is a good illustration of this. She made the decision to become a mom in the year 2017. She was able to apply for the position of an approved foster mother in January of the same year.

Source: Instagram/Katie_irlene

“I wanted to become a mom however I got tired being waiting around for my husband. Right to take action. In an article written in the magazine Love What Matters, she wrote, “I imagined I’d foster for a couple of years, and help to reunite several families, and perhaps even be able to say yes all the time.”.

After waiting for eight months after which her application was accepted.

Her first assignment was completed swiftly. When when she received her acceptance letter, she found out there were two children who needed foster care: one year old and an older child of two years.

After a few hours, Katie became a first-time mother to two children. The experience could be “terrifying,” but it was “everything that I had ever imagined plus more.”

Within the following three years, she had 16 kids. She confessed that she was wary about letting teenagers have a go after having heard numerous horror stories, but after she came across Akyra and her family, she changed her opinion.

I got a phone call from my most loved social worker in March of 2019. “I know that you don’t work with teens However, I’m the parent of her,’ she stated. The girl and her foster family need an escape. “How would you like having a day off?” says the author. Katie was thinking of something.

Source: Instagram/Katie_irlene

At the time, she was caring for several children who were under five years old and included Thomas the infant who spent a few hours in the NICU and who she often calls “Tiny.”

Katie was not ready to accept another full-time foster kid, but she agreed because she wanted to contribute.

She made the right choice at the in the end.

Within the younger children, Akyra was referred to as “big friend.” Katie and Akyra began to become friends due to their common interest in Twilight and a late night sleep. In the following years, Askyra would visit her for one week, here and there while she would bounce between foster homes.

Source: Instagram/Katie_irlene

After nearly a year of having contact with Akyra, Katie decided it was time to adopt her. At the time, she was 16 years old. time and planned to stay together with Katie until she reached the age of 18 and no anymore within the foster system.

The plan was to allow her to reside with me for approximately one year, until she was able to graduate and then move on to independent living. This is an amazing program provided through our local government.

“It gives children who are nearing the end of their cabinet with accommodation with a stipend and mentors, as well as assistance in school, work and other concerns until the age of 22.” It allows kids to make the transition to adulthood gradually instead of having to care for themselves after when they turn 18.”

As time went by they became closer. Akyra asked Katie if she’d ever thought of adopting a teen. Katie was aware of what she needed to do.

A few days prior to her birthday on 17th September, Akyra became an official Holstein. Katie took on the name of Thomas that same day in response to Akyra’s request.

Zoom broadcast the celebration live. The caseworker of Akyra’s, her family, and friends were all present at the momentous event.

To mark their foster home experience, the group organized a photo shoot that was captured on a wall.

Katie hopes that after their story has been told that others will be inspired to invite the children of foster care into their home. She encouraged me to not be concerned about keeping everything organized.

“If I had waited until ‘the ideal time and the perfect time, I would have been missing my kids.” I’m certain that there are kids in your community who require an area of safety today and don’t really care if you’re on a tight budget or have a small home, don’t have a spouse or trying to parent. She says “They have families who are willing to help but not perfect ones.”

What a lovely message of kindness and humility! The story of this one illustrates how being a true family does not necessarily mean that you are connected by blood. It could also refer to being connected through the heart.

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