Dwayne Johnson, also well known as “The Rock” had a lot of success in his life, and it’s no secret that he loves giving back, especially to his family. In the past, he has bought his mother, Ata Johnson, several houses. Just this month, he bought her a house that he filled with old family photos and Samoan artifacts. But his fans were even more moved by his most recent expensive gift, which he gave to his cousin.

The Rock and Sarona Snuka, who is his cousin, have a lot in common. Tamina, who goes by the ring name Snuka, is a WWE fighter who has made a name for herself, just like Snuka’s cousin, who used to be a big name in WWE. Johnson and this strong woman grew up together, and over the years, they became close. But even she was shocked by her cousin’s most recent kind act.

In a June 16 Instagram video, Johnson showed how his cousin cried when he gave her a brand new house as a surprise. “It’s hard to describe how I felt as I walked @saronasnukawwe through her new door,” he wrote. “I liked this one.”

In the video, Johnson holds his hands over his younger cousin’s eyes as he leads her through the front door. “We love you so much, kid, and we’re so proud of you. He says, “Welcome to your new home.” In response, the 44-year-old woman puts her hand over her mouth and starts to cry.

Johnson says that he wanted to help his younger family member because he was inspired by how hard she worked in life. “This girl has been through some hard times, but no matter what life threw at her, she was always determined to become a strong, inspiring single mom who sets an example for her two daughters, Milaneta and Maleata, who are her biggest sources of inspiration,” he wrote.

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When you watch the video, it’s hard not to get emotional because of Snuka’s honest and surprised reaction. When you look at it, you can tell how much this gift means to her and how it will help her family in the future. The Rock says that it’s still not enough.

He retweeted a WWE analyst who posted the video online and said, “She deserves a lot more.” “I’ve been a single mom who raising two kids while working as a pro wrestler on the road every night for YEARS. It’s been hard.

“She deserves a lot more,” Rock said. I wanted to give my cousin and her kids a little more stability in their lives.

The 1.6 million people who liked The Rock’s original post and commented on how inspiring Snuka’s story is can probably relate.

In that caption, The Rock said, “It’s so damn hard to make it as a pro wrestler.” “And if you’re a woman, it’s even much harder to make it. Sarona, like many other amazing women in pro wrestling, decided a long time ago that she was going to walk the walk and earn her respect in pro wrestling. She also made sure that the hard times she went through were always an EXCUSE to work harder, not a reason to give up.

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Some people might wonder why Johnson keeps sharing these kinds of posts every time he gives a gift or does something nice for someone else. Many people would say that he does it to get other people to help out. Not only does it feel good to help someone in need when you have the means to do so, but it’s also nice to think that if you were ever in trouble, someone would be there for you, too.

Of course, not everyone is as lucky as The Rock, and sometimes it’s hard to keep our own finances in order. But you don’t have to buy someone a house to show them you love and appreciate them. When someone is having a hard time, simple things like flowers, a thoughtful visit, baked goods, or anything else small can make their day better.

Even more important, small acts of kindness can make us feel like people care about us. And anyone who has ever had trouble knows that feeling like you’re not alone can make a huge difference in your little corner of the world.



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