The statues on the volcanic island of Easter Island, which is world-famous, are among the most visited attractions on the planet. It is an incredible sight to see the entire field of approximately 1000 ‘Monoliths’ sprawled out in front of you. Recently, a study team from UCLA embarked on a trip to uncover a fact that had previously been kept secret from the public: the Easter Island monoliths are comprised of more than just their heads. By digging up the statues, the team revealed the remaining figures.

To add to the mystique surrounding them, the Easter Island monoliths became the subject of several conspiracy theories and stories. They weigh more than 80 tons and stand approximately 30 feet tall; they, as well as the island itself, were given the name ‘Easter’ since the Dutch explorer Roggeveen discovered them on Easter Sunday in 1722 when the island was named ‘Easter’. The UCLA team has made approximately 150 of these statues available for additional investigation. Consider looking at the project’s photo gallery below and sharing your opinions with the team!

More info & Photo courtesy: CNN | Easter Island Statue Project












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