Children can astonish us, and these youngsters surprised not just their mother, but the entire globe!

Children pick up on everything we do, from the important things like being safe to the little details like how we act when we’re sad. They’re sharp tiny minds who frequently astound parents with their perception.

Rutha Andrew took extra care in instructing her daughters to always pray before eating.

Taking the time to express gratitude for the blessings in your life is a little gesture that shows how much you value what you have. Children do not necessarily enjoy performing the “less fascinating” things when their parents are not around, such as praying or brushing their teeth.

Although it may not appear so, praying before eating is significant.

Always be grateful for what you have, your health, your loved ones, and everything else that makes your life joyful and satisfying. Prayer isn’t as famous as it once was since people are more hurried than ever. Rutha took a step away from the picnic table after pouring milk to her three daughters, Oriana, Grace, and Alexis. She was taken aback when she noticed them praying together in the middle of their lunch. What a shock to find her daughters praying while she was teaching them! She was eventually able to photograph it and share it with the rest of the world.

The shot rapidly went viral because it touched people’s emotions. The next generation is honouring a long and vital tradition.



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