These stunning twin sisters have stolen our breath away since their birth in 2010.

Their physical characteristics, like blue eyes and blonde hair, make them one of the world’s most appealing children. After eleven years, they are still at the top of the list of most beautiful children.

When Jaqi Clements couldn’t get them out of the home without others admiring them and pronouncing them the gorgeous people they’d ever seen, she recognized how precious her children were.

“Every time we’ve gone out, people have inquired if they’re twins for as long as I can remember.” She stated, “They always exclaimed, ‘Wow, they’re so wonderful,’ and ‘You should get them into modeling.”


Their mother signed them up with a modeling agency when they were six months old, but she later regretted it since she thought the girls were too young for such a lifestyle. She made the decision to wait till the proper time came.

The daughters’ attractiveness grew even more with time, prompting their mother to reevaluate her modelling plans. When they turned seven, Jaqi saw it as a sign to assist them in finding work.

“I just had a feeling that they will have a wonderful and exciting year,” she explained, “apart from the fact that I’m a great believer in signs and have been told by practically everyone that 7 is a lucky number.”

It all started when the mother created an Instagram account for her kids called @clementstwins. She was aware that her children were admired. Still, she had not anticipated the large number of people who followed them on social media. More than 1.8 million people follow the twins on social media.

The mother received offers from numerous modelling agencies after these girls caught the eye of many of them. The daughters are now working for two separate modeling agencies in addition to children’s apparel enterprises and periodicals.

They also participate in a swim team and a dancing studio. They claim to appreciate what they do, despite their lifestyles being substantially different from those of their peers.

In addition to the two sisters, their gorgeous brother is also a model, implying that beauty runs in the family. They pop up on Instagram now and then. We are not astonished by the children’s beauty because their parents are reasonably well-groomed. It was most likely passed down from their parents.


Several years ago, Leah and Ava utilized their celebrity to help Kevin fight leukaemia and lymphoma. They were shocked by the large number of people who signed up to get tested, and they made it their mission to locate a bone marrow match for him. Kevin discovered a game in his brother and had the transplant operation he so desperately needed.

These beautiful women are now using their Instagram accounts to raise cancer awareness.

Kevin claims that donating bone marrow is a straightforward procedure, despite many people assuming it is difficult and painful.

It’s fantastic that they can do that and help me, as well as so many other people.”

In addition, Leah and Eva collaborate with a nail polish producer to create and sell their own nail polish. Shane, their cousin, was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) at ten months and has received a significant share of the revenues.


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