The diminutive Lorenza Marrujo, who stands just about 5 feet tall and is in her senior years, appeared to be a soft target to an intruder targeting an old citizen complex.

On the other hand, the invader was no match for Lorenzo, who has more than 20 years of martial arts experience.

As a result, 480p low was chosen as the video quality.

Upon catching the man breaking into her residence in California, Lorenza confronted the perpetrator and forced him to confess.


“As he was going at me, I ordered him to back off,” Lorenza told KCAL-TV, which broadcasts in Los Angeles.

The intruder only looked at Lorenza once before fleeing her flat, but she didn’t have to wait long before hearing screaming.

Unfortunately, the invader then went on to target the apartment of Elizabeth McCray, an 81-year-old acquaintance and neighbour of hers.


He shook her till she fell to the ground, but Lorenza was not about to stand by and allow him to hurt her buddy, so she called the police before rushing in to assist her friend.

Lorenza has 26 years of martial arts expertise and holds a black belt in the discipline.

He’s going to murder us,” Elizabeth warned Lorenza. “He’s going to kill us,” Elizabeth warned.

This was met with a resounding “Not tonight” from Lorenza.


“I squeezed myself between her (Elizabeth) and him…then I rushed on him and began striking him while holding the cane to his throat,” Lorenza recounted.

He was screaming, ‘you’re hurting me, you’re hurting me’ at the same time, his arm came up, and I wrenched it around, and I yelled, ‘I don’t care what happens to you, you have no right to harm an elderly person.'”

Lorenza was able to keep the invader pinned on the ground until the police were able to arrive.

Elizabeth was taken to the hospital and was released the next day, according to the police. The culprit was taken into custody.

However, while the police warned people not to imitate Lorenza’s tactics when defending their homes from burglars, who knows what might have happened to Elizabeth if she hadn’t listened?


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