This story comes from Carmen Mendez, who is a volunteer. She had written about this on her Facebook page. She says that she almost didn’t post this picture, but since many of us are going to be thankful for what we have today and spend the day with our loved ones eating delicious food, she decided to go ahead and post it. My mind was changed by her.
She put up, “I didn’t know that my boyfriend had taken a picture of this. We went to a late-night restaurant called Raising Canes a few days ago to eat. While we were waiting for our food, I saw a homeless woman walk in and ask people who were throwing away their leftovers if she could have them “.

No one said yes. They all ignored her and threw it away, which broke her heart. She kept going with the story, “I’ve been volunteering with homeless people for a long time, and they don’t turn me off or make me feel sick. I love them all so very much” So I told Fred that I would give her my food if I saw her before we finished eating. As we were getting ready to leave, I looked for her but couldn’t find her.”

She felt sad because she knew that the homeless old women had been turned away that night when they were looking for a warm meal. Carmen says, “I was about to throw away the one chicken strip and about five fries I had left over when I heard a very quiet voice ask me if I had anything else.”

When Carmen turned around, she saw a group of homeless women. Carmen Mendez fed her and then sat back and watched her eat. But something didn’t feel right. It felt like I was a horrible person giving her my leftover chicken strip when she deserved so much more. So Carmen bought her a whole meal because she deserved to eat a hot meal. When Carmen ordered her food, she asked the worker to do her a big favor by not kicking her out.

Carmen says, “As she sat at the table eating the leftovers I had given her, I could see how disgusted people were. News flash, not all homeless people smell like roses. I surprised her with this meal as she was getting ready to leave.”

“The way she looked told me everything. I’ve never felt this kind of pure, real gratitude before. I had never felt a hug like the one she gave me. I felt her tears very deeply in my heart.”

“I held her close and let her cry it out. It didn’t bother me. I just held her. And I will never, ever forget that moment.”

In the end, Carmen Mendez says, “So think twice the next time you judge a homeless person. Not all of them are on the street because they are addicted to drugs or because they are lazy.”

Credit – Carmen Mendez


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