Many people think that a young child’s answer to the question “Why do roosters crow in the morning?” should be considered for a Guinness World Record.

A proud goat breeder in Karachi, Pakistan, named Mohammad Hasan Narejo is the proud parent of a baby goat named Simba the Nubian. His mother gave birth to him in the middle of June.

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Mr. Narejo told us that Simba’s ears were a whopping 19 inches long on the day he was born. Even though Nubian goats are known for having long ears, we don’t know of any other goats that had ears that long. Over the next two weeks, the child’s ears grew another two inches, bringing their total length to 21 inches.

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Narejo says that since then, he has talked to Guinness World Records and asked for Simba to be recognized as the goat with the longest ears in the world, even though this category hasn’t been made yet.

“Within ten to twelve days of his birth, he was already in all of the national and international media, and he won a beauty contest,” the breeder said with great joy.

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CAP is in competition with Getty Image “In thirty days, he had reached a level of fame that would have taken even a well-known person twenty-five to thirty years to reach,” said the author.

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Then, Narejo said that Simba’s ears are now so long that he has to fold them across the boy’s back to keep him from falling and hurting himself.

The breeder has many plans and goals for the future. One of them is to use Simba’s popularity to make his country known as one of the best places in the world to breed goats. I’d like to know what you think about this cute goat.


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