Many animals are abandoned by their owners; this was the tragic story of Ashley, a lovely pit bull dog who was lucky enough to find a new home in a New York City fire station.

Following a phone call from a family member, Erica Mahnken, co-founder of No More Pain Rescue, and her fiancé, Michael Favor, were alerted to the problem: a puppy abandoned at a residence by her family.

They went to the location, where they discovered that there was no electricity or heat and that the young dog was doomed.


A snowstorm in the city had left Ashley’s family without food or water, and they died.

They needed to get Ashley to a warm location as soon as possible. They had friends who worked at the New York City Fire Department’s Fort Pitt station, so Erika called the fire station and asked to hold Ashley. At the same time, they sought a suitable site for her, and they agreed.

When they arrived at the residence to rescue the dog, they couldn’t take their gaze away from the puppy.


Erika stated to The Dodo:

When I answered the phone, the caller informed me that a couple lived in an abandoned house. It was cold, and they didn’t have heat or electricity, plus they had a dog, so I’m presuming they were looking for a warm place to stay while leaving the dog behind.” Upon her arrival, the lady was already waiting in the car. Her boyfriend went into the house searching for Ashley; everything about the place was deplorable.


“We went to get it as soon as we got the phone call because there was no power in the house, and it was extremely chilly,” Erika explained. She didn’t bring anything with her to eat or drink. The house was completely disorganized. The windows were shattered, and excrement was spread all over the floor.”

On the other hand, Ashley was still alive and jumping around when Favor arrived.


Afterwards, Erika recalls that the girl ran up and jumped into her car. “She was happy,” she adds.

Ashley’s head showed cigarette burns, and the dog appeared to be very skinny and underweight.


Erika continued, saying:

Her ribs were all that could be seen since she was so thin; according to the vet, she weighed less than 25 pounds.

Ashley was ecstatic when they arrived at the fire station. She immediately began wagging her tail and kissing all of the firefighters in attendance.


Her tail leaped and licked the ground as soon as she entered the fire station, suggesting that she was happy and ready to greet everyone. That’s not what you’d expect from the origins of the item. “You’d think she’d be a little jittery, but she wasn’t.”

The firemen called Erika a few days after Ashley arrived to convey their affections for her. They had fallen in love with her and desired to adopt her as their child.


They said, “We’re going to adopt her.” We are in love with her. Then, as soon as I took her to her new home, I knew she had found her place.


Ashley has been officially adopted by the fire station. Her life has completely changed since then, and she couldn’t be more lucky.

The firefighters adore her, and she enjoys racing around and playing with them throughout the station.

“I’m overjoyed that I was able to place her with a family who would treat her with kindness and respect and who would not transform her into the pit bull that people have come to dislike so quickly; it was an incredible feeling to know she belonged there.”

Ashley likes to cook and eat when she isn’t running. When she isn’t in the kitchen, she likes to run. Short runs with her seasonal friends aren’t the only thing that she does. She also has a spot in the fire truck, which she rides in on occasion.






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