With time, we start to think about how our parents might be able to live their lives. They should be safe at home, but if that’s not possible, we need to think about senior living.

Many care facilities for the elderly are too expensive, so it’s not easy to do this. Most of us, if we can afford them, wonder if our friends and family receive enough attention.

When Schon’s parents reached their golden years, he observed them becoming increasingly weak and began to consider alternative living arrangements for them.

Bonnie and George Miller, both 87 years old, were losing their memory, and Bonnie fell and fractured her shoulder.

Schon was so concerned about them that he realized he needed to act quickly. Then he devised a solution that had his parents in tears upon seeing their new space.

Schon was concerned about his father, whose cognition had begun to deteriorate, and his mother, who was in a wheelchair following a mishap.

The loyal son from Bremen, Ohio, was adamant about not placing them in a nursing facility, and together with his wife, Jeannie, they began exploring other choices.

“Neither can live alone without the other, and neither of us wanted to end up in a nursing home,” Schon explained.


Schon stated that after his mother fractured her shoulder in a tumble, they discussed moving into a house with a mother-in-law suite.

When the loving couple couldn’t find anything, they came up with the sweetest plan for their ageing parents.

“We decided to bust a hole in the basement wall and relocate our fun items such as the pool table, music, and karaoke area,” Schon stated.

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Schon’s considerate conversion of his parents is heartwarming.

As you can see, everyone is in tears when the couple first sees their new space!

Schon and Jeannie are wonderful models of how we should all do our best for our parents; after all, they have made so many sacrifices for us.

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