This is the story of William Harris, who has been dubbed “Cork’s loveliest bus driver,” and he is perplexed by the outpouring of support for his small act of compassion for an old woman. On Wednesday, William Harris of Cork was driving the 205 bus from CiT to Cork City Centre when he came to a halt to tie an older woman’s shoe. The woman was in danger of stumbling again after tripping while alighting from the bus. Still, she couldn’t bend down to tighten her laces owing to arthritis.


Clara O’Brien uploaded a photo on Bus √Čireann’s Facebook page of the driver assisting a woman on the bus. It garnered tens of thousands of likes in just a few hours. Many people were moved by William’s simple yet essential gesture of charity on the internet.

“He’s one of the most pleasant drivers I’ve ever encountered.” “It’s not out of character for him to do something like this,” one individual said. “He usually goes above and above.”

“What a gentleman!” exclaims the audience. He has no idea how big of a difference he’s made, I’m sure. “I suppose this lady sits at home in the evenings with a coffee and a smile, her heart overflowing with thanks for his thoughtfulness,” one person said. It is the essence of life. Consideration and kindness. Another remarked, “Small things like this make me smile.”




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