For her wedding, this Massachusetts bride found a genuinely unique “antique.” Allison married Timothy at Turners Falls on September 25. The 23-year-old looks stunning in a beautiful white lace dress that her grandmother wore in 1961. That occasion was made even more memorable by the dress. “Everyone complimented me and said it was a lovely posture,” she said.

After her husband died 38 years ago, Livingwater grew up with her grandmother. Despite her grandmother’s remarriage, the gown still brings back fond memories, according to The Daily Mail. She was emotional about her dress because she was getting ready to marry my grandfather. She saved $2,000 by not having to purchase a new one. The only changes she needed to make were her ankle skirt and veil under the dress. She knew the dress was unique from when she saw it in 2016.

I knew I wanted to put that dress on the moment I saw it. It would cost $2,000 if I bought my own, so it would be great to save some money on making special memories. Others praised the gesture, describing it as “meaningful.” A Twitter user remarked, “A lovely dress, a lovely bride.”



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