We’ve seen babies and young kids form close relationships with their toys. Almost every child has one special toy that they always play with. Sometimes so much that it turned into an obsession. But how many animals that we know of really liked their toys? Now, let us introduce you to Doodlebug, the kangaroo who loves his stuffed teddy bear.

Doodlebug is still a baby. Gillian Abbott, who owns the WIRES and is a professional wildlife caregiver, has been taking care of an orphaned joey. WIRES is an Australian group that helps save animals. She is also the mother of the well-known environmentalist Tim Beshara.

Credit – Youtube

Anyway, we don’t know how this joey lost his mother or what happened to her. Beshara said that WIRES found this one when he was just a few months old. His mother may have died, or little Doodlebug may have gotten out of her pouch. That does happen.

It must be hard for him to be separated from his mother at such a young age since they learn everything they need to know from their mother about how to live in the wild. But our little Doodlebug isn’t falling apart at all. Mostly because of his new best friend, this stuffed bear.

Beshara says that the kangaroo even uses the stuffed toy to work on his kicks. This action is a lot like how young children play with their toys. We only got to see this interaction with this little joey, but it is really cool.

Credit – YouTube

“Soft release” is the term for what Doodlebug is doing right now. So, he will be put back into the wild, and he is in great health. Even though he returns to where he belongs, he sometimes comes back to see the people who cared for him. He grew up there, you know. But we hope he can find a new family in the wild and make a home there.

We’re not sure if he ever let go of his teddy bear, though. How do you feel about it? Do you still have the toys you played with as a kid? Please tell us what you think below. And don’t forget to share this happy story with your friends and relatives. It means to share the happiness!


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