Jackson Gannon, a teen from South Carolina, had a pretty awful year in 2017. This young man had a terrible accident that completely changed his life. Before the accident, he was a good student and a star athlete.

In 2017, while he was traveling in Georgia, he was in a car accident that did a lot of damage to his brain. WBTV says that the accident led to damage to the brain, pneumonia, and a staph infection. These made his life very different and kept him from doing the things he was best at. Due to the severity of his injuries and how they affected his organs, the doctors told his family that they don’t think he will ever walk or talk again. This was terrible for the family.


But Jackson turned out to be a strong guy. Jackson can walk on his own again if he does a lot of exercises, goes to therapy, and gets help from the doctors and his family. It took him about 21 months to get better, and when he did, it made him want to fight even harder. But that’s not everything. Even more amazing, he has said his first words since the terrible accident. His family put a video on his Facebook page that showed the first words Jackson said.

He used his finger to say the first words. This helped him say his words better. First, he puts his finger on his lips to make the “shh” sound, and then he keeps saying the word “she.” Jackson keeps going with his second word by using this method. Again, he says the word “shoe” with the help of his finger. His family and him are filled with joy and hope. Jackson did something strange. The happiness of his family was clear from the post itself.


Jackson has changed a lot with these small steps. With the right amount of exercise, therapy, and determination, he might do something the doctors didn’t expect and show that they were wrong.

Jackson’s reputation as a fighter comes through again because he was the best wrestler in his school. Before the accident, his life goals were very different from what they are now, but the benefits of reaching the new goals are huge. The most important thing is to get your life back to normal.


Stasea Morris, his mother, thinks God has also helped him get better. She says, “This was Jackson’s response to giving people hope all over the country! We told him that his testimony had been seen by almost 600,000 people. Before the car accident, this was his dream, and now it is coming true. He is spreading the good news about Jesus Christ and how He healed him through a miracle.


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