Megalith: It has a flat, uniform, straight slit that looks like it was cut by a laser beam. They both have very flat front faces that look like they were cut by a laser. The back faces are rough and unfinished. Small pedestals look like they’re holding up the two parts, but they’re not really. An unfinished piece of a very old and precise tool could be the reason for it being there. It’s up to you. How did it start?

Petroglyphs can be seen on the flat front face of the rock.

There’s nothing wrong with having a flat face and a straight slit. Many explanations have been proposed in an attempt to explain why this is the case. One theory says that most likely, the ground moved a little under one of the two supports and the rock split. Another person thinks it could happen when volcanic material starts to harden. Almost all of these theories don’t explain why the front face is flat or why the right side is also flat, as if it was made to be a huge stone block for a building somewhere!

It’s not as smooth as the front of Al Naslaa. Another interesting thing!

This huge rock is called Al Naslaa and it is in the Tayma desert, which is in the northwest of Saudi Arabia. It is between Madinah City and Dumah. Every year, one of the most intriguing stones in the world attracts a lot of attention.

Al-Naslaa is not the only one in the world. There aren’t many other boulders and rocks that have been split in half all over the world.

Split boulder, near Trego, Black Rock Desert, Nevada, USA.

Split Apple Rock, a New Zealand

Joshua Tree National Park in southern California. Have you noticed the woman inside the slit?

Hall of Horrors rock, Joshua Tree National Park, CA.

Split rocks in Ireland Munster County Kerry

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