We came across some cute news today about a cat with a split face. Okay, so maybe it didn’t sound precise as we intended, but trust us when we say that the sentence’s charming portion is unmistakable.

Narnia, welcome. A somewhat realistic kitty. Yes, many people were surprised to learn that this individual is not a chimera; chimeras are persons who have cells with two distinct DNA types instead of one due to a unique genetic abnormality. Naturally, the word was inspired by the fire-breathing, lion-goat-serpent hybrid Chimera from Greek mythology.

Now that all is made obvious, let’s return to our main topic, Narnia. The British Shorthair, whose owner is Stephanie Jiminez, was born in 2017 and resides in France. Stephanie was an experienced cat breeder and knew as soon as Narnia was born how special he was. With his piercing blue eyes and flawlessly split two colors, everything.

Many kittens have called Narnia their father over the years. However, he succeeds this time in dividing his two hues into two distinct offspring. As you browse down the page, you will see them. Phoenix, the blue cat, and Prada, the black kitten, are their names. Unfortunately, neither of these inherited his blue eyes, despite the fact that many of Narnia’s offspring did. As you can see, it doesn’t lessen how lovely they are.

As you go down the page, you will see a large number of pictures of Narnia. His flawless split kittens as well as their mother. You are more than free to leave us a remark below with your thoughts at any time. Happy exploring! Please spread the word about this to others as well. You know, this can be a terrific way to start a conversation. Share the happiness!





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