Foster care in the United States can be complex, especially for separated siblings.

For a long time, two young boys were placed in different foster homes, but they were still together. Once a month they saw each other. After a while, the siblings were ready to live together again. They had been through a lot. Finally, in July 2018, a man adopted both of them at the same time, which was what they wanted. After a long time apart, the family was finally together again.

The boys’ names are Ke’lynn and Tre, and they were 10 and 7 years old when they went on a live broadcast in October 2017 to share their heartbreaking stories. They had been in the custody of Texas Child Protective Services for about three and a half years, spending almost all of that time in separate foster homes.


After they saw each other for the first time, they broke down in tears. These two people dreamed of having each other for the rest of their lives. He said that he would do everything he could to help these gentlemen achieve their goal of meeting again in November 2017.

When Beck saw the documentary and heard the children’s heartbreaking story, she decided to take care of them and give them a home for the long term. At the same time in July 2018, Beck took in both boys. Tre and Ke’lynn joined the Beck family at that time, and they became part of the family as well.

In October 2017, Tre and Ke’lynn were featured on WFAA’s Wednesday’s Child Report show, where they shared their painful story of growing up in multiple foster homes while battling with early childhood trauma. Because they were their only possession, they only saw each other once a month and wished to be together forever. Ke’lynn stated, “I wish I could see him every day.”

A month later, Beck made the next step. According to WFAA, he had already adopted a child from another Wednesday’s Child Report. “”I was crying because it tugged at my heartstrings,” he explained, “and I felt an instant connection with these boys, so I figured I’d figure out way to bring them into my house and get to know them.” Better.”

Since then, Tre and Ke’lynn have lived with Beck, although nothing has been proven. It was going to take a long time to adopt a child. The adoption procedure began in July of this year.

The brothers were apprehensive of what would happen when they walked into a North Texas courthouse on July 18, 2018, according to WFAA. They thought they were taking pictures, but they quickly discovered their adoption day. The fact that they were adopted together added to the occasion’s significance.

Both brothers were optimistic about their future together.

One of the brothers remarked, “I’m pleased I was adopted.”

“I’m not sure what’s going to happen next,” Tre replied with a grin.

“I’m getting ready to leave right now.”

“To be able to offer them with a permanent home and to know that they will become part of my lifetime family is such a blessing,” she says. Dr. Beck expresses his appreciation.

“They mean everything to me,” Beck will say if you ask him what the boys mean to him.

It is estimated that roughly 437,000 children and adolescents are in foster care in the United States, according to the American Society for the Positive Care of Children (ASPCC). Apart from that, adoption is a lengthy process that takes years, and children who do not find a permanent home are moved between group homes and families until they reach the age of 18. It is estimated that over 118,000 children in the United States are still waiting to be adopted, with many of them having been waiting three to four years. Furthermore, according to the group, males are placed in foster care at a rate 52 percent higher than females, with a 52 percent to 48 percent male to female ratio.

Being evicted from one’s house has the following psychological effects, according to the American SPCC:

They are confronted with a unique mix of emotional, social, and intellectual challenges resulting from their relocation. Among these include grief, guilt, wrath, sorrow, loneliness, anxiety, low self-esteem, and mental and physical health issues… Without being adopted or reunited with their families, 20 500 teenagers are removed from foster care.”

Even though Tre and Ke’lynn’s destinies were identical, Dr Beck intervened and changed their lives.


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