What would you do if a kangaroo showed up at your house and claimed it was his? Well, this Boston couple had to go through something like that. Kym Haywood and her husband Neil run the Patch Kangaroo Sanctuary in Boston. When this joey was only eight months old, they saved him and took him under their hood, or in this case, into their pouch.

Credit -rufus the couch kangaroo

When this animal friend, Rufus, the kangaroo, was young, he liked to lean on a couch. Even on the sofa, he had his favourite spot. The problem is that, even though he is now an adult and back in the wild, he still can’t stop thinking about the couch. Rufus still goes to see his humans. Every night, he comes in through their back door and goes straight to his spot on the couch. He was putting himself where he felt most comfortable.

Credit -Rufus the couch kangaroo

He likes to live together with his human family, and sometimes they all watch TV together. He then goes to sleep in his safe place. Even though Kim and Neil put a blanket over him, since he has fur all over his body, we wonder if he needs to cover himself. He can even get angry when he doesn’t want people around him. Then he pushes them off his side in a gentle way.

Credit -Rufus the couch kangaroo

Kim and Neil tried to get him off the couch by giving him grapes, but Rufus ate the grapes and fell back onto the couch. They no longer even fight for it. They have come to terms with the fact that Rufus owns the spot. They even tell their guests not to sit there because the kangaroo has claimed it.

Credit -Rufus the couch kangaroo

The two people like having Rufus with them. He has been with them since he was eight months old, so he is now a part of their family. The couch is a small price to pay to keep him with them. They are in love with this cute kangaroo. Besides, who doesn’t? As their Rufus gets bigger, they just move farther away on the couch.

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