Hundreds of thousands of admirers follow Cole Sydnor and Charisma Jamison on YouTube. That audience grew when the couple married in early November in a stunning, private ceremony. The wedding photos are now a hit.

“I think the images caught the wedding’s significant moments,” Jamison told TODAY. We and everyone else were thrilled to have photos that captured the true love and feelings of the event.

Cole and Charisma marry in November wedding (Ashley Peterson Photography)

Sydnor, who has quadriplegia after a 2011 accident, called the celebration “wonderful.” The couple’s wedding video on YouTube is also a hit, with roughly a million views.

Sydnor and Jamison met three years ago in a “very millennial” story.

“We met in a hospital where I worked out. I was working in the community, and Charisma was a patient. Despite our proximity, I was never her patient. I usually say we didn’t breach any laws!” Sydnor smirked. “My therapist knew Charisma, and I were both single and looking to socialize.”

The therapist introduced them, and they met at a hospital benefit dinner.

Then she followed me on Instagram, so I thought, ‘Oh, maybe she’s interested,’ and I did. “We traded blows before I slipped into DMs. That’s history.”

Ashley Peterson Photography

Cole and Charisma marry in November wedding (Ashley Peterson Photography)

They were engaged 1.5 years later. They planned to marry after a year, but the coronavirus epidemic prompted changes.

“We reduced the invite list,” Jamison remarked. “We only had immediate family and friends in our group. It was little and outside. We all distanced before, after, and during the wedding. We wore masks and took the temperature. We were cautious.”

Ashley Peterson Photography

Sydnor and other guests are immunocompromised, he says, making safety measures crucial.

“We were nervous and cautious,” Sydnor said. “I have AIDS. We wanted to be careful with our grandparents, too. We were quite concerned and took it very seriously, but fortunately, nobody has had any symptoms or any concerns. We are grateful and blessed.”

Ashley Peterson Photography

Cole and Charisma marry in November wedding (Ashley Peterson Photography)

Now the pair is preparing for the pandemic and expecting to go on their fantasy honeymoon.

In the short term, Jamison and his friends would like to visit New Zealand. “We’ll wait for things to improve.”

Their future steps as a married couple are already set: They announced their adoption of Sydnor’s assistance dog, Sophie, in a late November video.

Ashley Peterson Photography

“Charisma and I have been anticipating this day,” Sydnor says in the video. “… We want that love and vitality in our home.”


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