Being a member of the royal family means being in the spotlight. The same is true of the British Royal family, which is probably the most famous family in the world.

People might think that having the Queen of England as your grandmother is glamorous, but the truth is that having everyone know about your life is not fun, and Prince Harry knows this from personal experience.

He first talked about the problems he had as a child in the tell-all interview he and Meghan gave to Oprah Winfrey shortly after deciding, which upset his family, to give up their royal duties and move to California. Harry’s grandmother, brother, and father were all upset by what he told them.

He said, among other things, that he felt stuck until he met his wife. “I couldn’t have helped because I was stuck and couldn’t see a way out. I was in a trap, but I didn’t know it. But when I met Meg, our worlds collided most fantastically, and I started to see how people like the rest of my family are stuck in the system.

“Both my dad and my brother are stuck,” Harry said. “They can’t go anywhere, and I feel terrible about that.”


Even though this made his family angry, Harry didn’t stop there. Later, when he was on the podcast Armchair Expert, the Duke of Sussex said, “I don’t think we should blame or point the finger at anyone, but when it comes to parenting, I’ve had pain and suffering, and that’s because my parents had it too. I’ll try to get those feelings are genetically passed down, so as parents, we have to do everything we can to stop something like this from happening to our kids,” he said to start his confession.

“They were the youngest, most respected, and the only group that has ever existed. I was on one side, and the rest of the country was on the other. We were both watching you.” They sounded like something from the movie The Truman Show. Have you seen it? The online host of the show asked Harry what it was like, and Harry said, “It’s kind of like a mix between the Truman Show and the zoo.”

“Somehow, you were cast in a movie without being asked if you wanted it or not,” host Dax Shepherd said. “My biggest problem is that I was born there and grew up with all the problems, but I don’t even have a chance to win the election,” Harry said.


He also said that his mother, the late Princess Diana, did everything she could to give him and William a normal childhood, which his father, Prince Charles, did not do.

Harry said about his new life in the United States, “I feel different here. I can ride my bike with Archie without the media following us.” When I was a kid, I didn’t have this chance. I think it shows strength, not weakness, if you talk openly about your problems. We can’t take care of ourselves or others if our minds aren’t healthy, so it’s important to be careful about this.


The Prince said he wanted to stop the circle of suffering. He told the Daily Mail that his father “suffered” because of how the Queen and the late Duke of Edinburgh raised him, and that his father treated Harry the same way he was treated. He called this “genetic pain.”

Harry seems to be living his life to the fullest with his wife and kids right now. Since he stopped being a royal, he has only been to Britain a few times, for things like his grandfather’s funeral, the unveiling of a statue of his late mother, and his grandmother’s Platinum Jubilee party.



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