On Valentine’s Day two years ago, a Filipino man did something amazing for his sister. But he gave her something more precious than flowers or chocolates: clothing he stitched himself!

Francisco Oyao, Lu Asey, and their parents are poor in the Philippines.

The girl was overjoyed when Lu Asey announced the dates for their upcoming Junior and Senior Proms.

Image credits: Maverick Francisco Oyao

But they had to wear a ball gown, which was outrageously expensive to rent, let alone buy.

Maverick feared Lu Asey wouldn’t be able to attend due to his parents’ financial situation.

He knew his sister was desperate to go to the prom, so he took matters into his own hands. He felt compelled to make the costume himself due to their financial circumstances.

Image credits: Maverick Francisco Oyao

Maverick enthusiastically accepted the role despite his lack of experience. He found several ball gown designs on YouTube and Google and was inspired by Michael Cinco’s Spring and Summer collection. As a result, he built the gown around it.

Fortunately, he was able to secure funding from various sources, allowing him to purchase the materials he needed and complete the project on time.

“I didn’t think I’d be able to finish this on time,” the author commented on Facebook. “I was especially worried about carrying it out because the notion was so unusual from anything I’d seen before,” he explains. God, on the other hand, is a wonderful being. He hasn’t forgotten about me.”

Maverick chose blue and white for his prom because it was a winter ball. Maverick wasn’t a designer; he was a Culture and Arts Education student who made the entire costume himself.

Image credits: Maverick Francisco Oyao

Day by day, the town began to take shape. Maverick wanted it to be a focal point for his sister, so he designed a royal blue skirt with white satin ribbons. He strewn white rose flowers with crystal beads around the clothes to make it even more obvious.

Maverick utilized a lovely blue and white ombré pattern on the upper bodice. The look was complemented by the butterfly sleeves.

After a week and a half of hard-work, Maverick completed his project: he created a stunning prom outfit for his sister from scratch!

On Valentine’s Day, Lu Asey posed for photos in a custom-made gown.

Image credits: Maverick Francisco Oyao

On Facebook, Maverick wrote to Lu Asey, ‘Your brother’s vow to you is that I will never weary of supporting you.’

Even if your dream of the best dress was not granted, it was the best for me, and it was the best because you wore it. He holds you in high regard.”

Image credits: Maverick Francisco Oyao

On social media, Maverick shared photos of his dressmaking process. He was praised for his great efforts as a big brother and his exceptional qualities.

He was respected for his originality and innovation.

He said in the comments, “I am beyond happy reading all your lovely messages and congratulations, people.”

“Thank you for taking the time-to-read and listen to my story, and for recognizing my good deeds. The fact that so many people were inspired by my story makes me feel like a rock star.”

This touching story about sibling love is one of my favourites! Maverick should be commended for going above and above to make his sister happy on her special day.

Source: awesomeinventions.com


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