This information was obtained from the Facebook page maintained by Emanuel Dotch. He is a member of the Mobile Police Department in Alabama, which is located in the United States. Let’s explore the storyline from the viewpoint of Emanuel Dotch.

Credit – Emanuel Dotch

“The night before, while I was looking for somewhere to eat, I was driving around. On my way to Florida, I noticed an old lady traveling by herself on Route 10 (I-10). I observed that she was driving all over her lane, and at one point, she came dangerously close to hitting with a truck that was parked to her right. She moved over to the other lane in a cautious manner when they honked their horn.

Therefore, I decided to pull her over to check on how she was doing. After I pulled her over, she told me that she was heading in the direction of Pensacola. When I asked her where she was coming from, she said San Antonio, and I took that to mean that she was on her way there. She told me that she was healthy and that she would be able to make it to P’cola.

I then warned her that she could not continue driving in that manner and inquired as to the time of her most recent meal. I took her to the Waffle House on DIP because she mentioned it was probably close to lunchtime. I waited for her to finish her meal in the parking lot while I sat in the car.

She came out and extended her hand to me in a way to offer me some money, but I declined her offer on the grounds that it was part of my job to guard and assist others. After that, she asked as to whether or not I would welcome a hug, and I responded that I would. The takeaway from this story is that it would be to everyone’s favor if we simply looked out for each other’s welfare.

It appears that I do not need to be employed by a large police department in order to help to those who are in need…
I’m Still Passionate About What I Do!!!”
That’s what he posted on his Facebook profile.

Credit – Emanuel Dotch.


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