It’s not every building that looks so good. As well as the Macallan Distillery. However, many structures worldwide don’t belong and will fall down in the next storm. These things aren’t just isolated examples in some places, either. Even a whole neighbourhood can be an abomination. And you can find them on the r/UrbanHell page.

Subreddit: It’s a place where people post pictures of “all the disgusting places humans have built or live in.” Everyone who wants to see the darker side of cities, towns, and villages in our shared world is welcome to join the online community. They also welcome any photos that show either ugliness or a problem with urban development. Rural and suburban nightmares can also happen.

You will see what this subreddit is all about in the pictures below.


The Mumbai Ocean gives back what people have thrown in it during the monsoon every year.

The Annual Monsoon Ritual Of Mumbai's Ocean Giving Back What Has Been Dumped In It



Hong Kong Street Life

Hong Kong Street Life


About half of the world’s people already live in cities. A lot of people will live in cities by 2050. There are photos in r/UrbanHell to see how poverty and the environment come together in cities.

Having bad urban development isn’t just about how it looks. It’s also lousy air and water quality, not enough water, waste disposal problems, and high energy use, which are made worse by more people living in cities. Strong city planning is needed to deal with these and other issues as the world’s cities grow.


New Delhi – During Lockdown vs Now

New Delhi - During Lockdown vs. Now



Hong Kong

Hong Kong



Beirut Port

Beirut Port



Uae Nad Al Sheba III Neighborhood

Uae Nad Al Sheba III Neighborhood



It’s Baffling How Fast It Changes

It's Baffling How Fast It Changes



Mumbai, India

Mumbai, India



The River Yamuna in India is full of industrial waste. People are praying at the river.

People Offering Prayers At River Yamuna, India, Which Is Frothing From Industrial Waste



Hotel In Łodz, Poland

Hotel In Łodz, Poland



An interesting point of view I came across in Macau a year ago.

An Interesting Perspective I've Stumbled Upon In Macau A Year Ago



Petare, Venezuela

Petare, Venezuela



A desert before and after it turns into a place with no souls. It’s just a single picture of Arizona.

Before And After A Desert Is Turned Into A Soulless Suburb Of A Desert. Jk, Its A Single Photo Of Arizona



Not A Very Romantic Scene

Not A Very Romantic Scene



Naples, Italy

Naples, Italy



A Helicoidal Street In Chongqing is near people who live there, so this is what they say.

People Living Next To A Helicoidal Street In Chongqing



Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong. Comparison Of 1964 – 2016.

Kowloon Peninsula, Hong Kong. Comparison Of 1964 - 2016.



A Brazilian Favela has electricity and water pipes, like this:

Electrical Wiring And Water Pipes In A Brazilian Favela



Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg, South Africa



Literally, Just Thanksgiving Traffic In La

Literally, Just Thanksgiving Traffic In La




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