The hearts of little kids are the cleanest. They always say what they think and are honest to the core, so when they say they love you, they really mean it.

A police officer who was on duty tells a touching story about a young boy who was waiting at a bus stop for his school bus. As Jan Dykes, a police officer with the Louisville Metro Police Department, got closer to the students, one boy moved closer to her and asked her to pray with him. Dykes was surprised by this strange request, but he decided to pray with the little boy. The things he said made her feel better.

“He said, ‘I’m going to pray for the safety of this officer. I met someone new. I really hope her day goes well, and I hope that by going to school and meeting new people, she makes a lot of people’s lives better. “It was great to think that this kid was so excited,” Dykes told the ABC affiliate WTVM.

This officer was so moved by what she saw that she tried to find the boy at the bus stop after school was over, but she didn’t see him there.

She still doesn’t know who that boy is, but she wants to find him and thank him again for praying for her.

“It made me very happy that he wanted to do that for me,” Dykes said. “People often wonder, ‘How can you go help them?’ and it’s nice to see that he wanted to do that for me. It made me happy to see someone so young and malleable be so positive and want to be that light.

We hope that these two will meet again.


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