Many brides know that a wedding dress can cost a lot of money. But thrift store dresses are becoming a big bridal trend, thanks to smart shoppers and social media.

Jillian Lynch, who just got married, got her wedding dress from a thrift store for only $3.75. It was brand new and still had the tags on it.

Credit: Courtesy Jillian Lynch

Lynch got married in May. Earlier this year, she shared her shopping trip on TikTok. She went to different thrift stores in her Ohio area. But her story went viral when she posted a video in April showing a Camila Coelho dress from Revolve, complete with tags. Lynch had found a brand-new Reyna Maxi Dress, which sells for $220 and can be bought online right now. Even though it fit her almost perfectly, she wasn’t sure at first that it should be her wedding dress.

Credit: Courtesy Jillian Lynch

A few of her followers on TikTok did give her advice, like telling her to get it tailored so it fits a little tighter. Lynch said in her video that she liked the high slit up her leg, but one of her fans suggested that she add a bit of lace to the top to tone down the look just a little bit. Lynch also asked her tailor to change the adjustable straps to ones that couldn’t be changed. This made the outfit look a little bit better.

Lynch told that brides often shop for wedding dresses with their mothers, their bridal parties, or a group of people to get feedback. She had shared her story on TikTok. “It felt like that a lot.”

She went on, “I think it swayed me when people told me on TikTok that it looked like it was made for me. After I made that TikTok, every time I wore it, I liked it more and more. It made me feel really pretty.”

Credit: Courtesy Jillian Lynch

Lynch found her Visanze Collection wedding shoes at a thrift store for only $8, bringing the total cost of her wedding outfit to $11.75. But when you add in the $100 that Lynch spent on tailoring, you get a slightly more expensive wedding dress. Even so, this is a lot cheaper than most off-the-rack wedding dresses. She also did her own hair and make-up for her wedding in Arizona, which was another way she saved money.

Credit: Courtesy Jillian Lynch

Overall, the small wedding, which she told Insider she hadn’t planned on even though she had been with her partner for 13 years, was just what she wanted, right down to her dress from a thrift store.

She said, “I don’t think I’ve ever felt so good in something.” “On their wedding day, brides should feel like they’re at their most beautiful. When I put on the dress, I felt just like that.”



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