A dog owner said that his sister-in-law wouldn’t let him and his wife see their nephew because of what they named their dog.

The man wrote on Reddit that he came up with the name first, and when his sister-in-law heard it, she liked it right away for her son.

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“My wife and I have a few cats, and we’ve been talking about getting a dog for the past year. We have no children, “wrote the man.

“My wife’s sister and her husband came to our house three months ago. At the time, she was eight months pregnant with a boy. This was their second child. They already have a girl “He kept going.

“At the time, they hadn’t chosen a name for him.”

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At one point in the conversation, I told them I was finally going to get a dog, which I’ve always wanted but never had as a child. I’m 37.

“My wife was so happy that I finally got my dog. I said that the name I was going to give him was Merlin. Since I was a child, I’ve been saving that name for him.”

The woman’s husband and sister-in-law looked at each other and then asked if they could name their baby boy Merlin. “I said, “Sure, but that’s what I’m going to name my dog so they’ll know.”

They got very angry and told me that having a son was more important “The owner of the dog went on. “I said, “So what if their names are the same?”

It’s just a dog, and I came up with the name first. I’ve liked it since I was a kid. “They pretty much told me I couldn’t name my future dog Merlin.” A month after his sister-in-law gave birth, the man took in and named a German shepherd Merlin.


“I put pictures of Merlin online, and right away my sister-in-law and her husband sent me texts telling me to change the name of my dog,” he said.

“We think it’s silly that they’re mad, especially since it was my name that came first. They won’t come over or let us come over to see their son Merlin until I change my dog’s name officially.

“My wife and I don’t want to change Merlin’s name. We will not change his name in any way, shape, or form.”

People were quick to say what they thought about the situation on Reddit, and many of them agreed that the sister-in-law was wrong.


“I think they’re being too sensitive. Both of them can have the same name, and it’s not that strange. But you had it first, so we can’t be mad at you, “one person said something.

“They are acting very childishly and inconsiderately. You’re finally living out a dream from your childhood, and the name came to you first “Added another.

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