Mother paints her face to resemble his birthmark in order to see what life is like for her child.

As a homage to her son, she had his birthmark painted on her face, allowing her to walk in his shoes for the day.

Enzo Cestari, who is one, was born with a dark birthmark that runs down one side of his nose and covers his forehead.

Carolina Giraldelli, 26, swore never to cover her son’s distinctive mark and to make sure he understood he was perfect just as he was.


The businesswoman commissioned a professional makeup artist to flawlessly mimic his birthmark on her face to honor her son’s individuality.

Carolina was overcome with emotion when she saw Enzo’s birthmark on her face – and he, too, was pleased.


Enzo was born through C-section in May 2017 after a scan revealed his umbilical cord was wrapped twice around his neck.

The baby’s big birthmark on his face was taken aback by the physicians. Still, Carolina was thankful that he was alive.


‘From then on, I resolved to become a much stronger, fearless, and brave person, ready to face whatever hurdles that would now stand in my son’s way,’ Carolina of Cáceres, Brazil, said.


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