The engagement ring is a symbol of an individual’s affection for their future partner. However, they could be passed down through the generations from mom to daughter over the generations. However, the rings are typically intended for only one person, chosen exclusively for them and not anyone else. In the context of a Reddit blog post, a mother asked if parents ought to be obliged to give the engagement rings, they have given to children. It is possible that they won’t be able to take the ring with them after they die. It’s possible that this mother in this tale might be thinking about this after she told her story about how she chose not to give away the engagement ring she received to her son.

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People on Redditors have been asked whether the mother was self-centred or whether her son was acting in an entitled manner. Find her complete article here.

“My Son, Sam, and his long-time girlfriend, who is now his the fiancee of Emily and Emily, both 26 and have decided to marry.”. They made their announcements privately to my husband and me after the initial excitement. They told me they had something significant to tell me about their wedding.

Emily was looking for my engagement ring, and Sam gave me a ring to Emily. Sam suggested that it would be the best way to avoid having his wedding ruined by debt and having to purchase the latest diamond engagement ring. Emily added she loved the style of my ring and would love to give it to her.

The ring I got for my engagement is stunning. I’ve worn it every day since my husband proposed to me using it. To admit it, I have a lot of years left to wear it until I’m old and grey. Additionally, my ring isn’t a family heirloom. My husband purchased it for me several years ago. So, I informed them that I was grateful to them for having my ring, but I was determined to keep it. I explained the reasons I mentioned above and explained why I did not want to give up my ring for the remainder of my life. If I get older, I’ll be delighted to gift it to my children.

Sam and Emily were not happy with my response. Emily and Sam were not happy, and Sam even said that I was self-centred and wanton. Diamonds, he claimed, are a fraud, and he wanted to know how I could allow him to be in debt to purchase an expensive engagement ring. Even though I was disappointed, Emily said that she was hoping that my ring would be an important family heirloom and serve as a sign of welcome to her to our extended family (Emily, as well as, I have close friends). In addition, they told me that they could save my wedding ring, which meant I didn’t have to be with no ring.


Thank you to all who shared their thoughts. It was fascinating to hear about your personal engagement rings as well as diamond alternatives. When our son began to argue over me with my spouse, he instructed him to go and go on his way. Although he claimed I was on his side and would’ve backed my decision for his ring acknowledged that he was pleased that I loved my ring even after all these years!”

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Redditors have jumped into mom’s defence over this particular issue. A user posted:

“It was enough to be a disaster to know that Emily wasn’t there. What about her to be expressing her own displeasure? That’s unbelievable. What’s next? They are looking to purchase the house of the other person, so they don’t need an obligation to “start their marriage with debt”? You can put all your savings in because you’re old and your days are pretty much gone! If I were you, I’d be able to see the place my husband and me did wrong in the way we raised this self-centred AH and how he got to be like this. “NTA is the right time to get older.”

Then there’s another:

They’d like to own a diamond. However, they aren’t willing to spend the money to purchase one. They’re total AHs, both. This request is totally untrue and selfish (really outrageously rude). I’m shocked that they agreed with you asking them. Both are crazy. Although they refer to it as”scam” or “scam” or whatever, it is clear that they are actually looking to purchase moissanite. That’s no way! What a bunch of jokes.”

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Many also discussed their less expensive engagement rings with great joy and love. One poster said:

“My wedding ring is made from copper. The cost of the ring is likely at the level of pennies. I am in love with it since it symbolizes our affection as well as our appreciation for utilitarianism.

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Is this mom selfish, or should her son and her future daughter-in-law stop being as if they are entitled? Let us know in the comments.

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