One couple really wanted to have a baby, but after trying for years, they started to wonder if they would ever have a child. After many years, they got some news that would change their lives forever.

Infertility is a problem in many homes, and hopeful parents often dream of the day when their miracle will come true. Some lucky people get more than they could have ever hoped for when their wishes come true.

Read the unbelievable story of one family and find out the question that changed everything. It showed how much she didn’t believe what was happening.

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Ashley Crandell, age 36, and her husband, Lance, age 41, were surprised when they didn’t get pregnant when they tried. They had an easy time getting pregnant with their daughter Isla, so they thought the second time would be the same.

But for about four years, the couple couldn’t have children because of something else. Ashley shared:

“There was a point where I thought we were never going to be able to give Isla a sibling and I was devastated. I always wanted a big family.”

The mom tried to stay upbeat, but she often felt that their dream of becoming parents again wasn’t meant to come true. Ashley, who was sad, said, “Our bodies don’t work.”

FaceBook : Ashley Crandell

Both Lance and Ashley had health problems that made it hard for them to get pregnant, so they chose to try artificial insemination. This was their last chance to get pregnant, and they didn’t expect much from the IUI process.

The couple had mixed feelings and knew that the road ahead wouldn’t be easy.

Ashley told us: “We’re getting older. And just so you know, we weren’t going to be able to keep trying for kids for much longer.” They waited patiently for news from their doctor for six weeks, and then they got a phone call that could have changed their lives.

FaceBook : Ashley Crandell

The couple was expecting to be let down. After all, the trip had taken four years. But their doctor told them that the process had worked and that they were now pregnant.

Ashley and Lance were amazed by their ultrasound and happy to hear that everything was going well. When they looked at the scan, they didn’t understand what they saw.

The technician showed them four pictures with titles like “Baby 1, Baby 2, Baby 3, and Maybe Baby 4.” Ashley looked at the screen and asked a question that showed she couldn’t believe what she saw. “Are those four pictures of the same baby?” asked the confused mom.

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The couple didn’t know what to say when the doctors told them they were going to have four babies. The couple had mixed feelings and knew that the road ahead wouldn’t be easy. Ashley recalled:

“I remember looking at those four heartbeats and thinking, ‘Should we be excited or should we be terrified?’ I decided we could be both all at once.” 

They did everything they could to get ready for the birth, and Ashley’s pregnancy was healthy, but the babies came nine weeks early.

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Wesley, Emma, Leah, and Nora were all born on February 11, 2022, in Phoenix, Arizona. It wasn’t easy for them to get to Earth. Their early birth put them in the neonatal intensive care unit for ten weeks (NICU).

The quadruplets had to learn to breathe on their own, but all in all, they were doing pretty well. The birth of the #CrandellQuads was a miracle, and their parents were very happy. So, she finally said:

“I couldn’t believe they were finally here.”

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When Ashley held the babies for the first time, she had tears running down her face. All of the heartache and negative pregnancy tests were worth it for that important moment.

As the babies slept on her chest, she felt calm because she knew everything had happened the way it was supposed to. Ashley spoke up:

“Just thinking about it makes me want to cry. It’s hard to imagine that there are four people in there when you’re pregnant with quadruplets. I saw them every week on ultrasounds, but it wasn’t the same.”

She couldn’t believe she had all four babies. She was speechless when she thought about what a gift she had been given. She could never have imagined having five perfect children.

FaceBook : Ashley Crandell

The couple wanted to have three, four, or five kids, but they could never have imagined how it would happen. Dad Lance told us:

“I think it was always the plan to have more kids. Just not this way.”

Even though their quadruplets had some health problems, the couple was ready for anything that life could throw at them. The family kept going because they thought, “Of course, this is the path we were meant to take.”

The Crandells said they wanted to move into a bigger house with enough room for all seven of them. The parents were also excited to see their children grow, and they were very thankful for all the good things in their lives.

Please tell this story to people who are dying to have a child. They might be about to give up, but Ashley’s pregnancy gives them a reason to keep believing in miracles.

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