We can see nature’s amazing creations everywhere we look on this incredible planet.

Image credits: The Virginia Zoo

It is easy to see why nature is considered the planet’s greatest artist. Here’s a proof:

Image credits: Laura Wolf

We are awestruck by the Victoria Crowned Pigeon.

Image credits: The Virginia Zoo

It proudly wears a crown on its head that is bright blue, in addition to its brilliant plumage.

Image credits: Laura Wolf

This bird species can grow to be as large as an adult turkey.

Image credits: Sandy Cole

These magnificent pigeons, which are native to New Guinea, got their name from Queen Victoria of Britain, a historical figure who ruled the UK at the end of 19th century.

Image credits: Kitty Schweizer

These rare birds are difficult to find in the wild. They are also endangered in their natural habitats due to deforestation.

Image credits: Bernard Dupont

This species was therefore listed as Near Threatened on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Image credits: Dennis Jarvis

A female can only lay one egg per season, which is not good for population growth.

Image credits: Derek Ramsey

Their mating dance is unique and as complex as one would expect from a fancy bird.

Image credits: Heather Paul

The male of the species approaches the female to courtship and bows first. This is to display his beautiful crest.

Image credits: Jimmy Palma Gil

Then, he performs a well-choreographed mating song that involves a rhythmic swing of his tail and intensely wagging his tail.

Image credits: Valerie

Image credits: cuatrok77 Image credits: Edith Maracle (Berghout) Image credits: saebaryo

Image credits: Cloudtail the Snow Leopard

Image credits: Terry Kearney Image credits: cuatrok77

Image credits: Unknown

Image credits: cuatrok77



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