Mother Nature is awe-inspiring in its beauty and abundance.

Meet the Akhal Teke horse. He is known as the ‘world’s most beautiful horse’

Image credits: Pascal Mouawad

These stunning animals are native to Turkmenistan, Asia. They are most well-known for their shiny metallic coats.

Credits: Palana

Their genetics are responsible for their shiny coats that reflect and refract light like metal.

Their hair appears shiny because of the ‘hollow” hairs, which create a prism that allows light to pass through.

Credits: Pascal Mouawad

Although there are many colors available for the Akhal Teke horse, the light reflection is more striking on horses with lighter colors.

This horse breed is extremely athletic and can be used for long rides or sports that require endurance.

There are only 6,000 of these beautiful horses left in the world. It’s not surprising that the Chinese call them ‘horses of heaven’

These horses are loved so much in Turkmenistan that you could face the death penalty if you export them.

(h/t: honesttopaws)


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