And Armand witnessed this truth when out driving with his 101-year-old mother.

His mother requested that he pull over in the middle of nowhere.

Armand was startled, but he swiftly grabbed his camera and filmed his mother exiting the car and stepping into the snow.

And what ensued touched Armand’s heart, as well as the hearts of millions of global onlookers.

You are never, in my opinion, too old to have fun.

That is critical to remember as you age.

The majority of the time, the restrictions of your existence are self-imposed; even when you’re old and grey, you’re still capable of astounding a room full of people.

This 101-year-reason old’s for stopping was as simple as it was endearing — she wanted to make snowballs and take advantage of the beautiful winter weather. It’s a joy to watch this vivacious woman enjoying so much fun. Thank you, Armand, for sharing this!

Kindly share so that other people can experience this magnificent event!



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